Information in English

The site of the Food Center is a little hidden away, between Jan van Galenstraat and Haarlemmerweg. For decades, this has been the location in Amsterdam where shops and catering businesses have bought their vegetables, fruit, and other foodstuffs. From the outside, there is little more to see than high fences, warehouse roofs, and an entry gate that most people never get to pass. But the site is now undergoing a transformation. The Food Center is being renovated and is relocating to the northern side. The space that will be freed up on the Jan van Galenstraat side (the southern side) will be used for building homes. The Marktkwartier will become a district for all the people of Amsterdam - from families and students to the elderly. The Jordaan is just a five-minute cycle ride away. For leisure, it will not be necessary to leave the area - the monumental market hall is to be smartened up and has great promise.

The new Food Center will be home to businesses that, together, ‘fill Amsterdam’s bellies’. The consortium of Ballast Nedam and VolkerWessels Vastgoed is holding extensive discussions with entrepreneurs who currently operate on the site (represented by the Verenigde Bedrijven FCA) on the options for the future. It will become clear in the next few months whether there is support for the proposed plans. The plans will be carried out if the discussions result in agreement. The businesses will shift up towards the Haarlemmerweg end of the site in a phased operation.

The newest district in Amsterdam West is the Marktkwartier - a district for all the people of Amsterdam. There are plans to build a mix of owner-occupied and rental homes here, around 1500 in all. The latter group will include social housing, as well as middle-sector and higher-sector rental homes. There will also be scope for input from future buyers. A number of renowned firms of architects - KCAP Architects&Planners, MVSA Architects and Soeters van Eldonk - are currently working on designs for the new buildings. Town planner Dik van Gameren from bureau Mecanoo is the supervisor. Once the green light has been given for the transformation of the Food Center, the housing development will begin. In 2016, we can inform you about the development of the new district.

Much work is currently underway on the plans for the Marktkwartier. There are no homes for sale as yet, or for rent. As soon as you have registered, you will be kept informed about the developments regarding the Marktkwartier. We expect to be able to tell you more about the home building programme at the Food Center in 2017.  We made a special register form in English.